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Exercise bikes offer new meeting, study options

Ross Duren, Health and Wellness Counselor at OSU-OKC, rides an exercise bike during a recent meeting.

After a suggestion from a student, there’s a new way at OSU-OKC for faculty, staff and students to burn calories when they meet, read, or study.

Ten bike workout stations with desk extensions have been placed in the meeting room near the Wellness Center. 

In a recent President’s Leadership Council meeting, student Ingrid Avalos requested that workstation exercise bicycles be placed in the HUB or elsewhere on campus. Several others agreed with this idea.

Vice President of Finance Ronda Reece and Campus Budget Coordinator Brenda Smith had previously considered bike workout stations. But this additional student interest helped push the suggestion over the top. Smith researched affordable bike workstations. Working with Reece and the Wellness Center, there was soon a plan to install 10 exercise bicycles with desk equipment in the Studio Room near the Wellness Center to make an active meeting space. 

The use of the Studio Room with the cycle desks can be utilized as a group or individually.  Room reservations will take precedence over individual usage. When the room is not reserved, individuals or small groups are welcome to use the cycle desks.  Contact the Wellness Center to make a reservation – then bring your materials and cycle while working.

Jamie Roberts, Wellness Center Operations Specialist at OSU-OKC, said the cycle desks can help people get the recommended 150 minutes of physical activity per week.

“For many, it is unfeasible to stop working multiple times a day, to get moving.  This is where a cycle desk can be beneficial!” Roberts said. 

Desk workers often sit for 6-10 hours per day, and research has shown that prolonged periods of physical inactivity can increase negative health outcomes. 

“Studies have shown that the use of cycle desks can increase productivity, mood, focus, concentration, and circulation,” Roberts said. “Increased movement can also boost your metabolism and energy levels throughout the day. While decreasing the likelihood of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and anxiety/stress.”

Low-impact exercises like stationary biking are easier on muscles and joints.

Workouts on an exercise bike can improve cardio fitness, which can have benefits including lower blood pressure, better sleep and a better mood.