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Enroll in a music appreciation course with Oklahoma twist at OSU-OKC


From ancient instruments of bone to modern computerized tools, humans have found ways to make music for centuries.

The history of and building blocks of music will be explored this fall in a new Music Appreciation class at OSU-OKC taught by Dr. Scott Newman.

And there’s a particular Oklahoma tie to this music class.

“Major sections of the course will focus on Oklahoma music and musicians, as well as a number of topics related to music today—from major artists and the ways musical genres are evolving, to streaming and the impacts of artificial intelligence on music,” Dr. Newman said.

Many of Oklahoma’s brightest music stars of recent years will be covered in the class, as well as influential musicians of the past.

“The course will include a wide array of Oklahoma musicians from super-stars like Blake Shelton, Carrie Underwood, Reba McEntire, Garth Brooks and Toby Keith, to Oklahomans such as Charlie Christian, Roger Miller, J.J. Cale, Leon Russell and Woody Guthrie who may be lesser known today but had significant influences on other major artists,” Dr. Newman said.

The course is available to any student who would like or needs to satisfy a lower-division Humanities course requirement. And is anticipated to have a wide appeal.

“This course is for virtually everyone — from those who love and/or have experience with music, to those who know little about music and would like to learn more,” Dr. Newman said. “The course will include a wide range of topics, from the basic building blocks of music, such as rhythm, pitch and melody, to music, musicians and major musical movements throughout history.”

“I understand that OSU-OKC has explored implementing a Music Appreciation course in the past,” Dr. Newman said. As someone who began their career working for film-music composer Hans Zimmer, I know firsthand how important music is in the lives of many, and the positive impacts it can have, and am delighted to get to be involved with this course.”

The new Music Appreciation course will be offered fully online beginning Fall 2024. Students who are interested in enrolling or would like further information may contact their academic advisor or follow this link to the OSU-OKC Fall 2024 Class Schedule.