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Oklahoma City - An OSU Degree in OKC.

Alumni Profile: Krystan Turner

Krystan Turner, HR administrative assistant at M-D Building Projects

Krystan Turner credits her time at OSU-OKC as a “lifesaver” in making it possible to move to a higher-paying job.

Turner is currently the HR administrative assistant at M-D Building Projects in Oklahoma City.   

“I’m pretty much the gatekeeper of all things HR,” Turner said. “I help with employee documents, I do recruiting, I also help with interviewing – all types of things like that.”

She credits attending OSU-OKC for launching her career path.

“I feel like OSU gave me that big stepping stone that I needed to be at a place like this.”

The mother of three started back to school in 2015, honoring her late brother’s wishes.

“Before I started, I was hesitant on going to school,” Turner said. “When my brother passed when the tornadoes came in 2013, he was the one that always pushed me to go to school. So I … did it for him initially.”

She received an associate’s degree from OSU-OKC, and followed that up with a bachelor’s degree from Oral Roberts University.

Now, Turner is studying for her master’s degree while working for M-D Building Projects, which is paying for Turner’s continuing education.

“That’s a great benefit of working here,” Turner said.

Early on, the stress of school, family, work and financial obligations wore on Turner. She broke down crying in a financial advisor’s office at OSU-OKC.

“He gave me a very encouraging talk that really just kept me going,” Turner said. “I wanted to give up that day. I was almost done. He gave me that talk and I never forgot it.”

Turner said faculty and staff helped keep her on track to graduate, and she to this day has a picture of her OSU-OKC graduation on her desk. 

“At OSU they did care,” Turner said. “They wanted to see the best outcome for me.  That school made a way for me and I will never forget that.”

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