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Academic success coach can help navigate college challenges

Photo caption(s): Students can study or meet with an academic success coach in the newly renovated Student Success & Opportunity Center on the second floor of the LRC. [photo by Ned Wilson]

As you get into your college classes, you may find you need some help, either with studying, technology, or juggling your many responsibilities. 

Amy Chaney, academic success coach at Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City, wants students to know there are avenues at OSU-OKC to get help with these issues.

Chaney says time management is the No. 1 thing students ask for help with, though that is often not the only issue that they face.

“Most OSU-OKC students are juggling multiple commitments like work and childcare,” Chaney said.
“Many of our students are also returning to school after an extended absence, so there are challenges with digital literacy as well as self-confidence in the classroom (online and in person). Often, access to technology is a major issue. In addition, we see many students struggling with transportation issues. There are more, of course, but these rise to the top.”

An Academic Success coach assists with:               

-              Time management by working with you on creating a schedule for all assignments and exams

-              Study skills: note-taking, exam preparation, and navigating online courses

-              Working with you to create opportunities for self-care that make sense for your individual schedule and circumstances

-              Connecting you with other resources on campus. These resources could include resources from the Disability Services and Diversity Office or counseling with Health and Wellness Counselor Ross Duren.

“There are two things I wish all students knew,” Chaney sad. “First, you are not alone in this. You have a team of faculty and staff here that are committed to your success. Second, self-care is critical and is simpler than you might think.”

Chaney says students should reach out for help from an academic success coach early in the semester and any time they are feel overwhelmed or anxious. Get in contact with Chaney by stopping by LRC 211; emailing at; or calling 405-945-6738.

The newly renovated Student Success & Opportunity Center on the second floor of LRC is an area in which students may study, review sample tests and papers, or meet with an academic success coach or study group.