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Media Captioning for Individuals who are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing

It is the policy of OSU-Oklahoma City to provide equal access to instructional content, university-sponsored events, and promotional media used by or through OSU-Oklahoma City. OSU-Oklahoma City will provide accommodations to ensure effective communication, and one way of accommodating individuals who are deaf/hard-of-hearing is to provide captioned or accessible versions of media. The definition of media for this purpose includes videos, DVDs, audio clips/podcasts and all subsequent technologies that involve voiced audio.

How to Get Media Captioned

There are two (2) ways to get your media captioned:

  1. YuJa and personal YouTube channels both have their own auto-captioning and captioning editor capability.  This allows the account holder or channel owner to edit the auto-captions for accuracy, and is the quickest and most efficient way to get your media captioned. 
  2. If you are an OSU-Oklahoma City faculty/staff member, you can also request for your media to be captioned by Instructional Technology through submitting an Online Captioning Request. You will need to allow five (5) business days for every 20 minutes of content that needs to be captioned, so please plan accordingly if you choose this option.

If you are an OSU-Oklahoma City student and need to request captioning and accessible media, please contact Calista Choate, Interpreter/Disability Services Advisor if you have not already done so at (405) 945-8624 or

Ready to start editing captions through YuJa or YouTube? Awesome!

Need help with editing captions in YuJa or YouTube? We've got you.

Contact David Emmons in Instructional Technology at (405) 945-3254 or 

Still unsure about captioning requirements? We're here for you.

Contact Calista Choate in Disability Services and Diversity at (405) 945-8624 or 


Captioning Policies and Procedures