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Military Leave of Absence Form

Per Oklahoma State law (SB 1830), OSU-OKC offers a military leave of absence (MLOA) to students who are members of the active uniformed military services of the United States who are called to active duty. An MLOA allows a student to be absent from the University for active duty without penalty to admission status or grade point average and without loss of institutional financial aid. It also allows the student to be eligible for withdrawal from all or some classes with a full refund of tuition and fees or to be eligible for incomplete grades in classes for which he/she has successfully completed at least 50% of the coursework at the time of leave, if the student intends to complete the classes upon return from active duty. Students must notify the University as soon as possible, after active duty orders are received. MLOAs shall not exceed a cumulative five years. Students in Selective Admission programs such as Nursing, Veterinary Technology, Diagnostic Sonography, and Dietetics must see the Vice President of Academic Affairs upon receiving active duty orders.

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