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Reasonable Flexibility in Attendance Policies and/or Coursework Due Dates in Case of a Medical Episode

Guidelines for this accommodation:

  • This student may miss class occasionally due to their disability and may experience medical episodes that interfere with their ability to perform daily life activities.
  • Students who receive this accommodation have been instructed to:
    • Talk with their instructor early in the semester about expectations of the course and how much flexibility in attendance policies and/or coursework due dates will be allowed.
    • Notify their instructor before the coursework's original due date if an extension is needed.
    • Notify their instructor and the OSU-OKC Disability Services and Diversity Office when absences occur due to their disability or if they experience more than a few absences during the semester.
    • Contact the Disability Services and Diversity Office with any questions or concerns.
  • Please do not penalize them under your absentee policy for disability-related absences and/or provide them with as much flexibility as possible for coursework due dates without penalty in case of a medical episode, or if the student needs to attend health care appointments related to their disability.
  • Instructors are not required to provide the student with a due date extension unless the student notifies the instructor of their need for an extension before the original due date. If the student notifies the instructor of this need after the original due date, the instructor is not required to provide a due date extension but is welcome to do so at their discretion.
  • Instructors are only required to offer the student one (1) single due date extension per coursework assignment without penalty, but are welcome to offer additional due date extensions or other make-up work opportunities for each assignment at their discretion. If a second due date extension is given, instructors may deduct points for late work at that time consistent with any point deductions for late work listed in the course syllabus.
  • This accommodation only applies to situations in which the student’s disability or medical episode affected their ability to participate in the course; missing class or a coursework due date because of family care or job issues, etc. are not covered by this accommodation.


  • Please contact the student as early as possible to establish reasonable and clear boundaries on exactly how much flexibility in attendance policies and/or coursework due dates you will allow. If you grant an extension for coursework, consider establishing a clear deadline for submitting the work and communicate that to the student.


If you have questions about this accommodation, please contact:

Disability Services and Diversity Office
Student Center, Room 136
OSU-Oklahoma City
900 N. Portland Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73107
(405) 945-3385
Fax: (405) 945-9127