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Live Human Readers and Scribes

Some students with disabilities (such as blindness/low vision or neurological conditions that affect handwriting skills) may benefit from a live human reader and/or scribe on exams, quizzes or other coursework that is inaccessible due to their disability. 

  • A reader is defined as someone who reads the content of the material aloud to the student.

  • A scribe is defined as someone who writes down or indicates the student's answers to the coursework exactly as dictated.

  • Some students need just a reader or a scribe, and others need both depending on their disability.

  • Readers and scribes do not assist the student in clarifying any questions related to the coursework, provide tutoring, or otherwise help the student obtain answers to the coursework.

Independence is a great feeling and we want to partner with you to promote it! Please consider implementing these accessibility strategies in your courses, which can minimize the need for a student to use a Reader and/or Scribe:

Low vision or blindness:
  • If using videos, have an accompanying document that describes the visual content (for example, "Lab technician is squeezing blue drops of hydrochloric acid into a test tube, places it in centrifuge").
  • Consider allowing students to complete assignments at home or outside of the classroom where they can have access to any special technology they might use.
Disabilities that affect Reading and/or Handwriting:​
  • Consider allowing students to complete assignments at home or outside of the classroom where they can take the time they need to write their answers.

What to Expect if a Student in your Course Needs a Reader and/or Scribe:

  • Readers and scribes are typically coordinated through the Disability Services and Diversity Office, and this service normally takes place in our same office area. 

  • Students are asked to schedule an appointment with the Disability Services and Diversity Office for this support service at least five (5) business days in advance of their desired appointment time. Every effort will be made to fulfill a request for a reader and/or scribe made with less than five (5) business days' advance notice, however we cannot guarantee the accommodation will be available. Students are encouraged to plan in advance.

  • If you have special instructions regarding a coursework assignment, please communicate it either directly to the student or contact their reader/scribe. (The student is made aware of who their reader/scribe will be when they schedule an appointment.)

  • If the coursework is an exam or quiz, the Disability Services and Diversity Office will contact the instructor to request a copy of the exam/quiz and will coordinate with the instructor to return it when complete.


If you have questions about this accommodation, please contact:

Disability Services and Diversity Office
Student Center, Room 136
OSU-Oklahoma City
900 N. Portland Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73107
(405) 945-3385
Fax: (405) 945-9127