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C-Pen Scanning and Reading Device on Hardcopy Exams/Quizzes taken in the OSU-OKC Testing Center

The C-Pen scanning and reading device that has been approved for use in the OSU-OKC Testing Center looks exactly like the image and video below. Similar devices that do not match this exact image are not approved for use in the OSU-OKC Testing Center.


orange c-pen scanning and reading device      

  • Scans and reads hardcopy/printed text aloud (not recommended for use on math exams/quizzes)

  • Uses earbuds or built-in speakers 

  • No dictionary

  • No thesaurus

  • No internet access or data transfer capability

  • Approved for use with exams/quizzes for OSU-OKC academic courses; use on third-party exams must be approved in consultation with exam owner or administrator




If you have questions about this accommodation, please contact:

Disability Services and Diversity Office
Student Center, Room 136
OSU-Oklahoma City
900 N. Portland Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73107
(405) 945-3385
Fax: (405) 945-9127