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GED - General Educational Development

The new GED program was launched on January 2, 2014; the GED test was overhauled to better prepare adults without a high school diploma for higher education and the workforce. The comprehensive, start-to-finish 2014 program uses technology to help students prepare for, pass, and progress beyond the GED test to find better jobs with better wages. The 2014 GED test is the only high school equivalency program fully aligned to state college and career readiness standards. The 2014 GED test series has four test modules.

Some of the new features exam candidates can use on the new website include:

  • A one-stop resource for registration, preparation, and more.
  • Tools to develop personalized study plans and find study materials or in-person classes.
  • A skills assessment to help test-takers match skills with possible careers, and focus on career plans to get to better jobs with better wages.
  • Access to information and resources to help test-takers apply for college or training programs and fill out financial aid forms.
  • An official practice test that shows test-takers their strengths and where they need to improve, including specific pages to study in their training materials at home and online.

Cost: $34 per subject exam