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Oklahoma City - An OSU Degree in OKC.

Nursing Program Policies

In addition to the policies and procedures of OSU-Oklahoma City, all policies found within the Nurse Science Student handbook will apply to candidates entering the nursing program.

Nurse Science Handbooks

Legal Limitations for Licensure

Applicants who have been arrested/convicted of any offense including a deferred sentence within the past five (5) years, or have ever been convicted of a felony, or have ever had disciplinary action taken against another health-related license, or have ever been judicially declared incompetent are required to notify the Oklahoma Board of Nursing prior to being approved to write the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX).

The Oklahoma Board of Nursing requires information about any offense except minor traffic violations and first-time marijuana possession charges. Failure to report such actions may be a violation of the Oklahoma Nursing Practice Act.

Acceptance to the Nurse Science Program my be denied to any student with a criminal history or positive drug screen. Applicants with certain felony convictions may not be eligible to test for licensure. An Initial determination of eligibility for licensure petition from the Oklahoma Board of Nursing can be accessed for a fee.

Department of Education Policy

The Department of Education requests that information pertaining to tuition and fees as well as the length of the nursing program be provided annually to the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN).