Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City

High School Concurrent Enrollment


Oklahoma State University - Oklahoma City welcomes you to participate in concurrent enrollment. Concurrent enrollment is an opportunity for juniors and seniors in high school to begin their college education before graduating from high school. Participating in concurrent enrollment will not only allow students to earn high school and college credit, but will also help students make a smooth transition to the rigor of college-level courses after graduating high school.



Students from Accredited High Schools:


High School Juniors AND Seniors:

  • Minimum ACT or Pre-ACT composite score of 19 OR
  • Unweighted high school GPA of 3.0 or higher OR
  • Minimum SAT or PSAT composite score of 980 (if taken after March 5, 2016)

*Students must meet course placement requirements to be eligible to enroll in courses (see below).


For additional admission requirements, including home school student requirements, click here.



  1. Complete the free, application for admission online, at www.osuokc.edu/Apply
  2. Complete the High School Concurrent Enrollment form, including your high school principal or counselor signature, and parent/guardian signature.
  3. Complete the Proposed High School Schedule form.
  4. Submit forms, along with your high school transcript and ACT or SAT scores to OSU-OKC Admissions Office.


Admission to OSU-OKC does not guarantee eligibility for course placement. To ensure students possess the skills necessary to be successful in college, high school concurrent students must demonstrate college readiness in a particular subject area to enroll in a corresponding subject area in college. ln addition, students must demonstrate college readiness in reading to enroll in subjects outside of English, math and science.


For complete course placement and eligibility, click here.


For General Information

Office of Admissions
Student Center, First Floor
Phone: (405) 945-3224
Email: admissions@osuokc.edu

High school Seniors are eligible for a tuition waiver for up to 6 credit hours per semester beginning the Summer after Junior year, as well as Fall and Spring of Senior year. You are still responsible for fees.