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Spring 2020 Pass/No-Pass Grading

Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City is committed to your academic success and are offering an option for pass/no-pass (P/NP) grading for spring 2020 courses to provide flexibility, while upholding academic integrity.

How P/NP works

Students may elect to have a letter grade of “D” or better converted to a “P” (pass). All “F” grades will automatically convert to a “NP” (no pass). This policy exception is in accordance with guidance received from the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. OSU-OKC’s full policy can be found here.

Key dates to remember

After the May 17, 2020, final grade submission deadline, you will have one week to view your assigned grades and elect pass/no-pass grading on a course-by-course basis via a secure online system. Your deadline to elect pass/no-pass grading is Monday, May 25, 2020,at 8 a.m. Central Standard Time.

Eligible classes for P/NP

The pass/no-pass (P/NP) grading option will be available for all classes in the main 16-week semester and short courses that end during the second eight weeks of the term (i.e., end date on or after March 23, 2020) that are graded on either a standard letter grade or pass/fail basis. Short courses that ended within the first eight weeks of the semester, before the COVID-19 pandemic impacted OSU-OKC classes, are not eligible for optional pass/no-pass grading.


Do I have to accept a P/NP in my course?

  • No. With the exception of an “F”, the default grade this semester will be a letter grade. You have the choice to change the letter grade to a P/NP grade after grades are posted. If you had an “F” that converts to an “NP”, and wish for that grade to be changed back to an “F”, please contact the Office of Academic Affairs.

How will a P/NP impact my GPA?

  • “P” and “NP” grades do not impact GPA. They carry no grade point value and are not included in GPA calculations. For more information on grading, please see the Catalog.
  • For some students, it will be advantageous to keep your letter grade. Please discuss with your advisor if you have any questions about GPA neutral grades and how they may impact your academic career.

Will a “P” grade count towards graduation requirements?

  • Yes. For Spring 2020, a “P” grade will meet all program and college requirements for graduation. In effect, a “P” will meet any “C” or better for progress to graduation.
  • The college level policies concerning P/NP grades being accepted for major requirements will be suspended for a “P” grade earned in Spring 2020.

Will a “P” grade count towards course admission or allow progression to subsequent courses?

  • Yes. A “P” grade will count as completion of the prerequisite course. For Spring 2020, a “P” will be accepted as meeting any “C” or better requirement for enrollment. Faculty and advisors are to treat a “P” grade in Spring 2020 as equivalent to a “C” in deciding progress to the next course or admissions to restricted courses. This also includes zero-level courses with a “DEV-P” grade.

How will I choose to have my letter grade changed to a P/NP grade?

  • Students will have seven days after the last grades are posted.  More communication about opting in the P/NP letter grades and dates will be communicated with students.
  • We understand that this is a unique time and there may be cases where a student will not be able to elect a P/NP grade within the prescribed timeframe.
  • For students that for some reason cannot elect by the deadline, students will need to submit a Grade Appeal to the Office of Academic Affairs. Forms can be found here

How will a P/NP grade impact admission to a special admissions program?

  • A grade of “P” in Spring 2020 courses that are prerequisites for special admissions programs will be treated as meeting any “C” or better requirement.
  • Students intending on continuing their education should consider the implications of electing the pass/no-pass option.  In these instances, it would likely be advantageous to keep your letter grade.

Will a P/NP impact my scholarship?

  • A “P” grade will not likely impact your scholarship. It is a GPA neutral grade and will not lower your GPA.
  • A “NP” grade may impact your scholarship for those that require completion of a certain number of credit hours a semester. A “NP” grade will not count as a completion grade (“D” or better).
  • Please discuss with your financial aid counselor if you have any questions about how a P/NP grade may impact your scholarships.

Will a P/NP grade impact my Financial Aid?

  • Generally speaking, a P/NP grade will not impact Financial Aid. However, if you choose this option for all courses enrolled for the term, you may experience some impact. Students should work closely with the Financial Aid & Scholarship Office concerning their individual situation.   

If I am repeating a course previously taken, having earned a grade of “D” or “F”, can a P/NP still forgive the “D” or “F”?

  • Courses that are being repeated to forgive a “D” or “F” and P/NP is elected; the first attempted course may still be forgiven; however, the second attempt will only be counted in hours attempted and earned and will not affect GPA calculations

How will the P/NP grade impact students in zero-level courses?

  • Zero-level courses have a DEV- prefix on grades to denote that they are developmental courses.
  • Students earning a “DEV-D” or better can opt to have their grade recorded as a “DEV-P”.
  • Students earning an “DEV-F” will have their grade automatically converted to a “DEV-NP”.
  • A “DEV-P” will allow a student to progress as noted above.

Will P/NP impact VA benefits?

  • P/NP may not be an option pending final approval from the VA.
  • We will update this FAQ when we receive more details.