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Oklahoma City - An OSU Degree in OKC.

Two-Wheel Ready to Ride

Ready to Ride - Motorcycle Training

Two-Wheel Ready to Ride is designed to enhance street strategies and survival skills through use of low speed control exercises while riding your own motorcycle. A specially-designed classroom session coupled with expanded riding exercises can help any rider – even the most experienced – become more proficient and confident with real on-road situations.

This course is designed for the rider who wants to strengthen critical “road” skills that makes riding safer and more enjoyable. By utilizing our private, enclosed two-lane road, riders get real road speed cornering experience. If you ride with a passenger, take this course together and experience the dynamics of riding two-up.

Pre-Requisite: Motorcycle endorsement and you must be currently and actively riding on the street.

Course Includes:

  • Overall control
  • Emergency braking
  • Swerving and avoidance techniques
  • Counter steering
  • Road speed cornering


  • FREE ($160 value, Availability limited to dates listed)

This is a faster paced course than the BRC and BRC2. This course is research based, street oriented and taught by certified rider training instructors that have years of riding and training experience.

Two-Wheel Ready to Ride Advanced Classes

August 2023

Contact Information

For more information, email



All motorcycle RiderCourses™ require the operator have proper riding gear, which includes…

  • Over the ankle boots – Sturdy over the ankle boots with a non-skid sole. NO athletic shoes, NO leather soles, and NO flimsy fashion or high heel boots.
  • Sturdy pants – Denim or thicker material with NO thin spots or holes. Skin must be fully covered and protected.
  • Long sleeves – On warm days, a light-colored long sleeve shirt is recommended or a jacket when cool.
  • Full finger gloves – The gloves must cover the whole hand front and back. NO open back or knuckle cutouts.
  • DOT approved helmet – Due to COVID-19 we are not providing helmets.
  • Eye protection – The helmets face shield, sunglasses, or prescription glasses. NO goggles.

Precision Driving Training Center
OSU-Oklahoma City
3501 W. Reno Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73107
(405) 945-3208