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Oklahoma Grown

Oklahoma Grown Oklahomans are fortunate to have access to readily available fresh fruits and vegetables that are of a consistency and quality that other states find hard to match. Whether buying fresh vegetables, salad greens, herbs, blackberries, watermelons, peaches, meat items, nuts, baked items, processed foods, dairy or eggs, the freshest and the best come from right here in Oklahoma.

Strawberries Agriculture is what Oklahoma is all about. Many Oklahomans have farmers or ranchers in their family, past and present. The Oklahoma economy and way of life are greatly affected by the agriculture industry. A large portion of this industry is made up of small farms and ranches. Many of these farmers do it all themselves - planting, growing, harvesting and selling. Oklahoma Farmers Markets provide the means for these farmers and ranchers to sell their products directly to the public and to make a living from their land. The markets also provide the public an opportunity to by fresh produce and products while supporting the Oklahoma economy. It's a win-win for everyone!

Cheese To help promote the quality, freshness and authenticity of produce and products sold at Oklahoma Farmers Markets, the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry (ODA) initiated the Oklahoma Grown program for Farmers Markets in 2004. Only Oklahoma Farmers Markets who meet all licensure requirements with the Oklahoma Department of Health (ODH) and who also sell only 100% Oklahoma Grown fresh products are designated as Oklahoma Grown markets. Currently, there are 18 markets statewide in this program. For more information on the Oklahoma Grown program, visit the Made in Oklahoma website.

The OSU-OKC Farmers Market is proud to be designated as an Oklahoma Grown market! All of the vendors at the market go to great lengths to ensure the customer receives only the best the state can offer. And, as consumers continue to become more health conscious and concerned about better eating habits, the fresh fruits and vegetables they can find at the OSU-OKC Farmers Market are just the thing for them. Furthermore, several of the vendors at the market are certified organic.

Shopping at the OSU-OKC Farmers Market provides the consumer with the freshest, tastiest, healthiest, and safest (regulated by both the ODA and ODH) produce, dairy, meats, nuts, baked items, eggs, etc. that is available anywhere in the state! And at the same time, shopping at the OSU-OKC Farmers Market supports the local and state economy.

Buy Made in Oklahoma and Grown in Oklahoma !

For More Information contact:

Bonnie Skaggs
(405) 945-3358

We accept SNAP benefits  Senior Farmers' Market