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Amazon Web Services


Tech Forum Series

OSU-OKC Amazon Web Services Tech Forum Series: Inform, Educate, Certify

OSU-OKC, as a certified AWS Academy institution, will offer a tech forum series to introduce business leaders, industry decision-makers and IT experts to cloud-based transformational advancements, services, and solutions.

The series will include open discussion forums, workshops, and hands-on demo days focused on introducing tomorrow’s technologies to our community today. Plan to engage, share, and learn how we all benefit from the latest in cloud technology.


The OSU-OKC AWS Tech Forum Series features an on-going set of Amazon Web Services lead events to help demonstrate cloud computing, services, and advancements to our expanded community. Series events will be added to this page as they are scheduled.


As Oklahoma’s first and only certified AWS Academy institution, OSU-OKC can train and prepare students with necessary, in-demand and real-world cloud skills. Course sections for AWS cloud certification are opening soon. For more info, visit AWS Academy.


OSU-OKC students can prepare for AWS certification with access to complimentary practice exams.

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