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Mobility LPN/EMS to ADN Exam (Bridge Nurse Application)

The HESI Mobility/Nurse Challenge exam is the pre-admission exam for applicants who are LPN or EMS professionals and are applicants of the OSU-OKC Nurse Science Degree program.  The Mobility exam can be taken 2 times in an application period with a minimum of 4 weeks between attempts.  Please contact a Health Science Advisor for assistance on which test you will need to take.

For more information and access to study materials and practice exams visit:
If you have already taken the HESI and want study helps for your areas of weakness visit:

If you already have a HESI or Evolve.elsevier account, please make sure your account information matches your ID. To update your account log into If you don’t have an account, we will help you create one when you come into test.

LPN to ADN Test Time: 1hr., 53 min.

EMS to ADN Test Time:  1hr., 15 min.

Test Dates:  Fall Enrollment:  October-March; Spring Enrollment:  May-August

Seating is limited, so reserve your seat early.  Payment is required to hold your test appointment and is non-refundable.  

Contact the Testing Center for more information. or 405.945.8648

Nursing Application Deadline: For information about program application deadlines contact the Health Sciences Advisor at (405) 945-3313 or visit