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Vision 2025

Vision 2025 is a strategic planning initiative that provides an opportunity for each person on campus to have the opportunity to have a part in creating the future of OSU-OKC.  The plan is founded on three guiding principles:  Student Success, Employee Excellence, and Community Relevance.  Each employee is asked how their work fits within these three realms.  From this work, themes will be identified and more specific objectives developed.  This employee-focused approach is in response to a campus climate survey that was hosted in early 2018.  OSU-OKC employees emphasized their interest in contribution to the direction and scope of work.  Vision 2025 honors this desire, with each employee's contribution integrated into the larger plan.

Vision 2025 begins with the 3x3 matrix, which includes the three guiding principles and three broad goals:

Principle 1 – Student Success

Transform students’ lives through educational opportunities that lead to personal growth, graduation, employment, and/or transfer.

Goal 1:  Provide meaningful learning experiences.

Goal 2:  Present educational support that is engaging, and intentional.

Goal 3:  Function within a continuous improvement framework.

Principle 2 – Employee Excellence

Recruit, retain, recognize, and develop experienced faculty and staff to foster an organizational culture that values engagement and fun.

Goal 1:  Recognize employee’s contributions to mission-centered activities.

Goal 2:  Engage faculty and staff in mission-centered professional development activities.

Goal 3:  Function within a continuous improvement framework.

Principle 3 – Community Relevance

Collaborate with campus stakeholders to exchange knowledge and align resources to address regional workforce needs, and students’ interest in transfer.

              Goal 1: Provide programming that is responsive to community needs.

              Goal 2:  Engage stakeholders in meaningful, action-orientated dialogue.

              Goal 3:  Function within a continuous improvement framework.

The interrelated principles and goals surround a center of continuous improvement.  This is intended to signify that the mindset of continuous improvement is pervasive:  we evaluate all that we do, learn from it, and move forward with that new knowledge.

vision2025 circular graphic