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Preparing for the Visit

In preparation for the visit, we have compiled several questions that are something that a Peer Review Team Member may ask.  Some of these are related to processes, policies, or other documentation. Please spend some time considering your answer to these questions. 

Possible Questions the Peer Review Team May Ask:

  • What do you know about regional accreditation?
  • Why is accreditation important?
  • What do you know about the Higher Learning Commission?
  • Have you seen or read the OSU-OKC Assurance Argument?
  • How would you define/describe the OSU-OKC mission?
  • Where on your campus will you find the official mission statement?
  • How do you as an individual employee contribute to the mission?
  • How does your department/unit contribute to the mission?
  • What are OSU-OKC’s current Strategic Plan priorities?
  • What are OSU-OKC’s greatest strengths?  Challenges?
  • What makes OSU-OKC unique in Oklahoma and among higher education institutions in general?
  • How would you describe the campus climate for diversity?
  • What is it like to work for OSU-OKC?  How is morale on campus?
  • What are the biggest challenges facing this institution, in your opinion?  What about challenges specific to your department or unit?
  • Do you think academics are the top priority at OSU-OKC?  Why or why not?
  • Describe any campus processes that could be improved to make OSU-OKC more efficient.
  • What kind of changes are taking place on this campus right now?  Do you see these as positive or negative?

It is our goal to have provided the campus with enough information to be able to respond to these, and other questions about our campus, confidently.  Should you get stuck, have other questions, or have anything you believe would be useful for the reaffirmation efforts, please email us at