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Donna Pergrem
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Ryan K. Hightower, PLS
Department Head, Surveying Technologies
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Forensic Surveyor / Expert Witness

Federal, state, and local laws play a large part in surveyors’ careers. A licensed surveyor can clarify and add credibility to a court case about aspects of an industrial accident or an automobile accident. Surveyors who build reputations in the forensics field and serve as expert witnesses are in high demand. Being an expert witness and forensic surveyor requires extensive knowledge about surveying and many years of experience.


The data this specialist collects, analyzes, and maps is typically included as evidence at a trial, hearing, or lawsuit. As in all court cases, all parties carefully scrutinize evidence, especially opposing counsel. It often hires their own forensic surveyor to contradict the surveying evidence. Therefore, it takes a great deal of precision to do forensic surveying. In addition, professionals who want to specialize in forensic surveying or serve as expert witnesses must be good communicators. They have to convey technical information in a way that people who do not have a background in surveying can easily understand in order to make decisions.