Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City

Heads Up on IncludED!

At OSU-OKC, we are committed to offering course content at the lowest price possible. If you are enrolled in a math, statistics, graphic design, computer information systems or information technology course, you will have the chance to save as much as $37 per course by receiving your content at a discounted rate through the OSU-OKC bookstore’s IncludED program.


How does it work?

You will receive an email from noreply@follett.com describing the process for accessing the course content or to opt out of the process. (If you opt out, you will then be responsible for obtaining the course materials). The discounted cost of this IncludEd course content will be billed to your OSU-OKC Business Services account.



Contact the OSU-OKC Bookstore!
Email: osuokc@bkstr.com