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OSU-OKC Plans for College Success for Students with Disabilities

Transitioning from high school to college is a trying task. Some may experience obstacles they have never felt before such as scheduling their own classes, fitting in and making new friends. But what about the thousands of Americans with disabilities who are also making the same transition every year? The obstacles and process they have to overcome can be extremely trying. In an effort to help this transition process for students with disabilities, OSU-Oklahoma City recently hosted a High School to College Disability Services Transition Workshop.


OSU-OKC Advisor to Students with Disabilities Emily Cheng said the purpose of the workshop is to showcase how disability services change from high school to college, and how faculty and staff can better prepare their students for the transition.


“We are very excited to reach out to our partners in the high school special education area,” Cheng said. “They’re in a prime position to encourage their students to attend college and we want the best possible experience and outcomes for our future OSU-OKC students.”


The workshop hosted a variety of speakers on topics that include how disability services in general work in college, most commonly-implemented special accommodations, tutoring and deaf student services. OSU-OKC Assistant Professor Steven Collins also shared his perspective as a college instructor on why it is important to preserve essential course requirements.


“Students with disabilities deserve the opportunity to meet the bar,” Collins said. “Lowering the bar for a disabled student would perhaps stigmatize them as individuals who are unable to meet the essential course requirements.”


Cheng said it is important to set the standard that students with disabilities are just as employable and competitive in the workforce.


“Reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities in college are intended to do exactly that,” Cheng said. “We are pleased to provide opportunities for communication and partnership to benefit these students.”


Attending the workshop were high school special education teachers, counselors and administrators from 16 different high school institutions in the greater OKC area.


For more information on OSU-OKC’s Services to Students with Disabilities, contact Cheng at 405-945-3385, emilytc@osuokc.edu or visit osuokc.edu/disability.

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OSU-OKC Advisor to Students with Disabilities Emily Cheng speaks to attendees at the High School to College Disability Services Transition Workshop about the differences in high school and college settings.